Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's Spring and Time for Another Party!

This time, the order was bright colors for a ladies luncheon..
Made with Paper Mache Houses, and Mannequins, it was great fun to paint and sew and make a spectacular party for a large group of ladies..
The colors: Hot Pink, Orange, Blue with touches of Greens and Purples How fun!!
Then top it off with Parasols hanging had to be there!! the pictures are never as nice as the actual party!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Welcome to my new blog
Memories by Design Creative Tablescapes
I am excited to begin this project as I have realized the love I have for creating tablescapes. It seems like I have been an event planner forever. Since I was a girl, I was always having theme parties, planned my wedding, friends weddings, and when my children got married, I planned their weddings. Not only that I have planned events that have been large, have done international events, you name it ..It seems like it is something I have always done..
But recently I have found that the thing I love more is that  I love love love creating tablescapes. 
It started years back,  when I wanted to have family out for Christmas. We had people coming from all over the country and I wanted to make it special. So we created theme Christmas's that were so beautiful that everyone wanted to come back the following year. My daughters and I didn't hold back, and we would go so over the top at the holidays that it took a year to collect the things we needed for the tables.
But lately I have found that once a year is not enough...after purchasing a bigger home with lots of room to store my table top design pieces, I began to create. After doing some private events for clients, I began to do some just for fun..

This week, I am featuring the tablescape I did for the Efavormart Centerpiece contest. I won 2nd place..and it is called  the Enchanted Woodland table.
Made with a Gold Manzanita Tree (efavormart $39) actually a deep gold taffeta rosette table overlay, a willow 120" round tablecloth. gold chargers with glass place settings, and decorated the tree with a glue gun and all the petals and gold flowers from efavormart . I even sprung for a backdrop..which was really fun
We used this theme and this tablescape for Thanksgiving and it was a hit..
Created some more memories and had over 20+ people for Thanksgiving dinner..

Enjoy and make a is what dreams are made of